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Terms of Sale  Updated  6/13/2022

All animal sales are final.  No exchanges or refunds will be issued, except in the events described below. If this link is in a facebook album, you contact us via this webpage, or you are otherwise sent this link, it is assumed you have read it in its entirety and receipt of payment is your acknowledgement and agreement to the terms. Please feel free to ask any questions about the terms prior to sending payment.


Live Guarantee:

Live, healthy guarantee of all geckos for 3 days. For geckos that are shipped, an adult must be present for first delivery attempt for this guarantee to be valid. FedEx does not always ring the bell so someone must be watching for them. There will be a code inside the box that you must email or message within 30 minutes of delivery for the guarantee to be valid. If geckos are not cared for according to basics on Care Sheet provided on the website, guarantee is also void. If there is something wrong with an animal you have received, immediate notification (within 1 hour of animal’s arrival) is required.  If you picked up a gecko at a show, it is already assumed you have inspected the animal. Photos or proof from a vet is required before a credit or replacement animal is sent.


All animals should be placed in quarantine for minimum of 30 days. They should live by themselves, and if possible, in another room from the rest of your collection. They should be handled last as well. Keep handling to a bare minimum during quarantine. Not quarantining your new pet will result in a void of the health guarantee. It doesn't matter where an animal comes from, quarantine!

Gecko Tails:

We cannot be responsible for geckos that may lose their tails in shipment. You can literally look at a gecko and it will lose its tail. While we hope this does not happen, we do our best to label and package your geckos appropriately. If a gecko is put on hold and loses it tail while still in our possession or other tail concerns occur, sale is not forfeited. We have very few to zero tails lost each season.

Sexing Policy:

If a sex is declared, then the sex is guaranteed. If it says probable/possible or simply not listed... it is not guaranteed. Do not use a gecko's name as reason to believe it is male or female.  The label ‘proven’ declares that this animal has in fact laid eggs that have hatched. If, for some reason, a gecko that has its sexed declared is later determined to be the other sex, a credit or suitable replacement will be offered. We will pay return shipping for the animal. Purchasing an unsexed gecko that becomes sexable before delivery and it is not the sex a buyer wanted, does not constitute grounds for a refund or credit. 


Payment & Payment Plans:

We accept cash, Chase QuickPay/Zelle, payment via Facebook, and PayPal ( Payments must clear before your animal is shipped or picked up.


In order to hold a gecko, a 50% non-refundable deposit must be received.

This deposit goes towards your total. 

For larger purchases, we reserve the right to ask for this to be paid friends and family. 

We also reserve the right to ask for references for larger purchases.

$150 and under are to be paid in full.

$151-300 are to be paid in full in one week
$301+ are to be paid in full in 30 days.

You are responsible for sending payment on time. 
All payment plans do not account for shipping. Shipping cost is due 48 hours before scheduled shipment.

*Please note we are not currently holding for shipping.*


If for some reason you do not complete payment within the agreed terms, your deposit is forfeited and your gecko will go back up for sale. Responses to emails/messages are expected within 48 hours, otherwise deposit will be forfeited and geckos will be available to the public. If a gecko is already paid in full, 50% of the purchase price will be held in case of buyer back out. The deposit will NOT be available as a credit towards future purchases. Any future purchases will have to be paid in full.


You must be over 18 years old to purchase any animal. If you are not, please have your parent/guardian contact us. We reserve the right to ask for proof of age. 



Shipping cost is in addition to animal cost and can range from $35-$75 depending on your location from 60154. Late arrival insurance is only available if shipping to a hub and we will cover that cost. Animals are placed in individual deli cups in a styrofoam insulated box at no cost to the buyer. We ship via FedEx with most deliveries guaranteed by 10:30am (depending on how far you are from the hub, can be as late as 4pm). Temperatures must be favorable on both ends to ship, above 40 degree overnights and below 80 degrees at both locations. Shipping is done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays [for Wed/Thu delivery] in case of delivery delay by FedEx. We wouldn’t want the geckos to be stuck in a FedEx hub over the weekend. Weather must be stable on both ends for more than just one day in case of any delay.


We will not risk the life of a gecko because of impatience. We reserve the right to refund a buyer (minus the 50% deposit) if a buyer insists I ship when they do not have the geckos' best interests in mind. 


Someone must be home to accept the package and we must receive an email or message within a half hour of delivery confirming receipt [there will be a code in the box] and that the animal has arrived safely, otherwise guarantee is void. 


We prefer to ship to the local FedEx hub (usually listed as SHIP CENTER on their website) if at all possible, meaning your gecko will not have to be loaded on a truck and you can pick it up as soon as doors open at the hub. It is expected that you are watching for FedEx to come (or watching the tracking) as they do not always ring doorbells. FedEx also charges a residential address fee of ~$4.

International Shipping:

If you'd like a gecko shipped to your country, you will need to set that up with your shipping broker as we do not have exporting abilities. We are happy to ship to your broker in the U.S. Please note, there is no guarantee beyond the initial receipt to your U.S. broker if shipped at the above guidelines for 40 degree lows and 80 degree highs.



All photos are property of LGP Gecko unless otherwise expressed. Permission must be granted before using any of these photos other than personal use (Iike saving parent pictures for records). Credit must be given to LGP Gecko when posting any photos taken by us.


If at any point you feel that you no longer can care for your animal, we will gladly take them back, but no compensation will be given.


We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone.


Animals will not be held without deposit and/or payment plan.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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